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I can't say enough good things about Mary Jean. She is an amazing person. I thank God for giving her a higher calling in life. I thank Mary Jean for choosing to follow that calling and for sharing it with all of us. She has a beautiful soul and deserves beautiful things from this life. My younger brother passed away and I was lost. Mary Jean was able to pick up the pieces of our family's emotions and put them together in a flow for the service. She is kind, compassionate, patient and articulate. She gave our family hugs, guidance, and expressed heartfelt words when performing the service, giving my brother the love, honor, and dignity he deserves as we celebrated his life.


The reviews are correct, Mary Jean really stands out because of her patience and enormous care. In hectic times of planning a wedding, it makes such a difference. Her wonderful voice led us through a wonderful ceremony and it couldn't have been more perfect.


She's an angel on earth Mary Jean is truly an extraordinary person and the very best officiant. She didn't just officiate our wedding and, three years later, perform the blessing for our baby, she became a light in our lives and a constant source of inspiration. I actually had our guests thanking me for 'letting' them attend our baby's blessing because it moved them so! I cannot imagine a better being to have present at your most important life moments. She is truly an angel here on earth. Not to mention she is incredibly professional, organized and full of great ideas! You will love her as much as we do so do yourself a huge favor and call her... you will be so very happy you did.


Simply Awesome! We looked around a lot before choosing Mary Jean, and she exceeded all of our expectations. She wasn't just a nice part of our wedding experience--she enhanced and added to the whole process in a multitude of ways. It wasn't that she was just loving, caring, and supportive-- which she was. More so, it was that she consistently anticipated our needs, made insightful suggestions when necessary, gave advice when appropriate, and gently kicked us in the butt to keep us on track. To be honest, without her, we might not be married right now. The bottom line is this: if you want to have a great wedding with a great officiant with no stress and no second guessing, use Mary Jean. We also thought it was great that she was grounded and spiritual without being overly religious.


Choosing Mary Jean for our Officiant was The Most Important Choice! As soon as my fiance and I were engaged, we started worrying about the ceremony. We wanted our ceremony to honor our families beliefs without compromising what was truly important to us; this can be difficult when you come from an extremely religious background. We had no idea where to begin. We met with Mary Jean and, instantly, what was once the biggest issue, was now the least of our worries. Mary Jean assured us that we could easily create a ceremony that we absolutely loved while making our families comfortable and happy at the same time - and she was absolutely right. We had the best time crafting our ceremony with Mary Jean and, on the day of the wedding, it was the most memorable part - every word meant something special to both of us. After the ceremony, our families and friends raved about our personalized vows and, of course, Mary Jean. Mary Jean loves what she does and it shows - our wedding would not have been as special without her help. We love you Mary Jean - thanks a million times!


Excellent officiant and friend Mary Jean officiated both our backyard wedding and our daughter's Christening with grace and style. Working with her allowed us total control with helpful input from her to design exactly what we wanted for the wedding and a full service, "hands-free" design by her for the Christening where we had little time to devote to planning the ceremony. In both cases we got exactly what we wanted without any stress. The beautifully assembled printed copy of the ceremonies was a delightful touch for our scrapbooks since we did not videotape. Mary Jean is a consummate professional and a dear friend. She is without a doubt the finest and always adds such grace and beauty to any ceremony she performs. We wish her all the Love and success she has earned.


A Fantastic and Personal Ceremony From the first moment we contacted Mary Jean, we knew this was going to be a very special service. We had a very short time frame to organize our ceremony as we had come in from England and our venue had let us down. In less than a week Mary Jean stepped in, met us, and truly understood what we both were like, and wanted out of a ceremony. She performed a beautiful, passionate ceremony - something we had just dreamed about... and she made our dreams a reality..we would highly recommend her to ANYONE, she is a fantastic person, and really understands the true meaning of marriage. We received many compliments on Mary Jean and the ceremony and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to design their own perfect ceremony.


Truly Unforgettable Mary Jean is simply the best! Trust me... I met with many people before finding her ;-). She helped my husband and me create a ceremony that was personal, heartfelt, and meaningful. By the time it was over there was not a dry eye within a 1 mile radius. My special day would not have been as special without all of her help (not only did she give us tips on getting the marriage license... but she also helped give us ideas for the wedding decor as well). I couldn't have asked for a better officiant. MJ you are by far the very very BEST!


WEDDING PERFECTION! Mary Jean Valente is a Bride and Groom's Dream come true! She is sincere, warm, genuinely caring and the most patient person I have ever met! When we were looking for someone to perform our ceremony we were concerned because this would be someone we would entrust one of the most special moments of our lives to and, for all intents and purposes, this person would be a complete stranger. A bit daunting to say the least. Like many people, we did not have a personal minister or rabbi (we are also of different cultures)so we wanted someone who would make us feel comfortable and someone who would take the time to get to know us and understand our needs. Mary Jean spent 3 hours with us when we very first met, .. , she took time to just talk to us and make a connection which actually was a lot of fun. Then she asked us about what we wanted in a ceremony let us express our thoughts and ideas. Then we got to see a number of different ceremonies that she has already performed... she has such a variety of ceremonies we knew we would have a wonderful ceremony with her as our officiant. Then, throughout the process of creating our ceremony, Mary Jean was professional, creative and so easy and fun to work with. She encouraged us and always had new ideas. Our ceremony was so much more than we ever had hoped it would be. As an officiant in front of our guests, Mary Jean was so elegant, eloquent and totally focused on us and helping us have a beautiful wedding. For someone we had only met a short time before, she seemed to all our guests to be an intimate friend. She even agreed to stay for our reception and everyone who sat with her just loved her.. After the wedding our guests told us how very much they enjoyed our ceremony and how impressed they were with Mary Jean as an officiant and for those who had the good fortune to spend time with her at the reception, what a great person she is. Needless to say, we enthusiastically recommend her without reservation!


Magical... I very highly recommend Mary Jean if you are in need of an officiant for any very special occasion. We had a very intimate and natural wedding outdoors and wanted a non-traditional approach while maintaining a spiritual and meaningful ceremony. Mary Jean helped us to finely craft our vows and orchestrated a fantastic beginning to the evening for everyone. She is very genuine, patient, and compassionate to work with and truly a wonderful and loving person. She is very knowledgeable on many levels and the love for her work and for bringing people together really shines through. Thank you so very much for everything Mary Jean! We will never forget that special sunset front row to the ocean in September!


Wedding Coordinator Par Excellence! Wedding Planning and Coordination can be so stressful and we are so glad we chose Mary Jean Valente at A Ceremony of the Heart to Coordinator and Plan our wedding in addition to serving as our officiant. She is an expert and made our day a fascinating experience for us and our guests. What I liked most, was the fact that she was a guide, and creative contributor but never a dictator. She has wonderful suggestions for everything and great resources. While guiding us through every aspect of planning our wedding, she still let us make all the decisions and then supported us like the best friend you could ever have. Mary Jean is amazingly flexible... always punctual and never thrown by changes or things that might need to be rearranged or altered. In the calmest way, she just does what needs to be done to move forward. She is a lifesaver, and truly a touchstone when you lose sight of what its all about. Her ethics and integrity are tops and She is tops with us. We loved her and because of her we loved everything about our wedding!


The Wedding of our Dreams and SO MUCH MORE! Mary Jean Valente at A Ceremony of the Heart is the most extraordinary officiant and so kind. She is flexible, patient beyond belief and holds a space of such peace and grace, we felt blessed to have her as our officiant. Mary Jean was so open to whatever we wanted to do in our ceremony. All we had to do was make a suggestions and she not only embraced our ideas, but also immediately added to the direction we chose. She has such creativity, that it pleasantly surprised us. Since she has experience as a wedding coordinator, she has great ideas and great resources which she gladly shared with us. To top it off, Mary Jean is so organized and professional. She was always on time and early and never rushed us through anything. She called us on the morning of our wedding to wish us a beautiful day and to assure us that everything would be fine. Let me tell you, as a nervous bride this thoughtful act meant a lot to me and to my husband. With all her genuine care and concern, Mary Jean also gave us the most beautiful copy of our ceremony.. it will always be a treasure. Our wedding was just amazing, personal and because we were so comfortable and relaxed during the ceremony, we were able to experience it fully.. Mary Jean will tell you that is one of her goals... to help you feel relaxed and present so you can actually have the experience of the wedding ceremony. If I remember correctly... her exact words were "something very special will pass between you invisibly as you marry" something no one else will experience and so it is important to be relaxed enough to have that experience." She made that possible and so our wedding was warm, personal and More than we ever Dreamed it could be! Thank you Mary Jean, we recommend you with all our hearts! No one else could have given us such a special gift as the Wedding of our Dreams!


BLESSING OUR CHILDREN... Mary Jean became part of our family... We met with Mary Jean as an officiant for our Child Blessing ceremony. We needed to have a ceremony for both of our children at the same time and she made the event so memorable and so complete. She became part of our family. We felt so comfortable with her. One thing we absolutely loved about Mary Jean is how she took our basic idea and created the most amazing and memorable ceremony out of it. Our guests and family were so touched by her voice, her spirit and the beautiful readings that she recommended. Everyone needs an officiant that has a vision for their ceremony and Mary Jean is the one. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to make the perfect memory out of their ceremony.


Meant to be... First of all, finding an officiant for that special day is as critical as buying your wedding dress. He/She has to be perfect. Well, Mary Jean is far beyond perfect. I found Mary Jean's website and one thing that stood out about her is her voice. I read her reviews and it sounded too good to be true. Of course I had to find out for myself. So, I called... I had a wonderful first conversation with a stranger and I couldn't wait to meet her in person. Our first meeting was very pleasant and warm. She was very nice and sweet. We felt so comfortable with her. On our wedding day, her voice, her presence gave us a smoothing feeling. She called both of us the morning of. Which is very touching because hearing her voice reassured me that everything will be okay. There is just something about her that's just one in a million. Her passion and joy for doing what she loves doing is so unbelievable. I saw it in her eyes the first moment I saw her. We already made our decision. She made our day so perfect and calming our guests loved it. If love and compassion is what describes your relationship than Mary Jean is the only one for your ceremony. Because bottom line... She understands that!


SPIRITUAL, LOVING, DEPENDABLE, A WOMAN OF HER WORD Mary Jean Valente at A Ceremony of the Heart is everything she says she is and delivers what she promises. From the very first time we spoke over the phone, I felt such a warm loving presence and a spiritual essence that was evident and yet never preachy. Mary Jean told me why she became an officiant and how much she loves what she does. When we met, it became very clear that she would be our officiant.. we canceled other meetings and let her know immediatly that we wanted her to perform our ceremony. Throughout the process of creating our ceremony and at our rehearsal and our wedding, Mary Jean delivered exactly as she promised. She showed up early, helped us to relax and with her beautiful voice and calming presence made our ceremony memorable and extraordinary to us and all our guests. I have attended many weddings and never before have guests unanimously agreed that this time they felt included, and that Mary Jean let them know that their presence was so very important in creating the atmosphere and setting for the day. Mary Jean has a depth of knowledge and understanding from her own pursuit of spiritual studies... and really knows how to embrace and interact with everyone, regardless of their beliefs. She demonstrated this with our guests who included people of different faiths and beliefs. Her manner is elegant and down to earth at the same time and when she delivers a ceremony, she captures everyone with her she speaks you really feel the emotion behind the words and everyone feels part of what is happening. My husband and I are more than pleased and wish every couple could experience the special magic and the beauty Mary Jean brings to the day. So, if you are looking for someone to perform your ceremony, without a doubt Mary Jean Valente is the very very best!


Our wedding this past April was phenomenal due to Mary Jean's services. She assisted us with creating a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony. Mary Jean has a grounded yet very spiritual presence. She brought such a warmth and confidence to our day. My husband, myself, and our guests were at ease because of Mary Jean's strength and her calming nature. We laughed, we cried, and we felt the magic! Mary Jean has a way of creating a sacred space where everyone feels welcomed. I would definitely recommend Mary Jean to anyone planning to get married! She is also very resourceful and knowledgeable. She was able to suggest beautiful poems to implement into our ceremony. This was very helpful because we were completely lost as to how to proceed, but Mary Jean did not miss a beat. After our first consultation, we knew that the ceremony would proceed with grace and ease, and it did! Our eternal thanks to Mary Jean Valente!


Last January my boyfriend received orders that he was to be deployed to Afghanistan this summer. We had planned to marry in a year or so, but after hearing of his orders, decided to get married before he left. With time against us, we still wanted a beautiful wedding and had no idea where to start. After calling Ceremony of the Heart, our dream wedding began. They made our experience stress free, organized our plans, and made absolutely perfect suggestions. Our ceremony was tailored sepecifically to us and there wasn't a dry eye in site! Our wedding was planned in 2 weeks and we wouldn't change a thing. Mary Jean became our Angel and made our our day just so special and perfect, we can't thank her enough.


Mary Jean was absolutely the best! She is wonderful, personal, giving and interested in you as a couple. Her ceremony will always be unique and attentive. We couldn't have been luckier than to have Mary Jean. Her experience yet openness is a fabulous combination. She'll make you feel comfortable and confident. She is a lifetime friend now.


where to begin? well for those bride and grooms out there that need some love, personal attention & just an awesome ceremony that is truly genuine and amazing contact mary jean! my husband and i had only 3 weeks to plan a wedding & were in greece when his whole family rang and said they were coming to the USA for our wedding... so we hopped back home and pulled it off! that being, to us the officiant/celebrant was more important to us than the reception, flowers, etc itself, this was the person that was uniting us & guiding us & having us say our promises to each other, it was a huge deal and a huge honor that we didnt want to bestow upon anyone. we interviewed heaps of people and when we met Mary Jean we felt she was it. Her warm embrace backed with professionalism and patience was exactly what we needed. We somehow pulled together a Jewish, Catholic, Italian, Greek Orthodox, Spiritual, Inter-faith, Inter-cultural marriage in only a few drafts a few phone calls and lots of laughs. Our guests felt they saw something new and really EXPERIENCED & ENJOYED our ceremony, She is amazing and for anyone that wants to feel like the person marrying them is a person that actually cares for them and is not just trying to make a wedding buck, please give Mary Jean a call, if anything youll meet one more magical person out there who really cares. With much praise and appreciation.


Finding a wedding officiant was one the last item on my list of things to do for my very last minute wedding/elopement. My future husband's visa had come through faster than expected so we were rushing around trying to make last minute plans. This is my second marriage so I figured it would be easy to find someone to make it official, since I had done this before, I knew what to expect. Well, Mary Jean blew my expectations away. From the first conversation I had with her over the phone I knew she was perfect officiant for us. We needed someone to help us pull the ceremony into something special. I live in Arizona and at the time my husband was still in England. Through phone calls and emails she was able to pull together a very warm, heart felt, touching, romantic ceremony in only a few days. She helped me with travel tips and gave me some great ideas to help make the day less stressful. She even took the extra time to hand deliver our wedding license to the court so we could get our certified copies sooner for the immigration applications we needed to file. We got our copies in under two weeks! She really went above and beyond for us to make our day a very memorable one. Thank you so much Mary Jean.


It was the night before our wedding date, we were counting on the county to conduct our ceremony, but the universe had other plans. We’d been looking for an officiant on-line, and we came across Mary Jean Valente, what a blessing! Mary Jean Officiated our wedding ceremony June 2009. With one nights notice Mary Jean provided love, passion, a personal story, and top-notch attention, as if she’d known us all our lives. Mary Jean exceeded our expectation, from the tone in her voice to the message she delivered; this day could not have been possible without her. Our dream wedding was a perfect way to start our marriage. Mary Jean Valente will continue to be a part of our family as we started our union through her. Thank you Mary Jean Valente. Much love and appreciation.


Following is the actual letter I sent to Mary Jean Valente after having the pleasure of meeting her and experiencing her unique, personal, loving approach to my son's wedding. Do yourself a favor - contact this woman and make a special day PERFECT! Dearest MaryJean, I am so delighted the photographer included up close shots of you during the ceremony and the dinner that followed so that everyone at the reception could witness the beauty, both inside and out, of the woman who made my children's wedding so unique, personal, and PERFECT! Darling, you are a treasure! I cannot express enough how impressed I was with your grace, your warmth, your attention to detail, your care, your charm, your ease and finesse, and how eloquently you maintained the focus upon Logan and Nicole. While that was the way it should have been, you directed everything in such a smooth manner that the spotlight remained upon them without it being obvious. Nicole is just the perfect match for my darling son and I treasure the day she won his heart. She has a remarkable talent for knowing what is right and she certainly hit the mark with selecting you to perform the most memorable wedding I have ever witnessed! I believe Logan will make Nicole's life as wonderful as she would like and MaryJean, you gave them such a remarkable beginning on this journey - I cannot say thank you enough! When I first saw Logan after the honeymoon and the beginning of his internship in Kansas City, I could tell there was something a bit different about him. I realized it was that he seemed more grounded, more fulfilled, more content, more satisfied. I can only attribute it to the fact that he has what he wants - to be married to Nicole. Everything else is extra because he has what is most important, his life with her, officially, permanently, forever. You made that possible and I cannot imagine anyone else who could have done that for both of them more perfectly than you. Please contact any of us if you want/need a referral, testimonial, whatever. Again, my most heartfelt thanks to you for the pleasure of meeting you, the time spent visiting with you, and for touching the hearts of my darling children. You made my son's life perfect, gave me a new daughter, and made her life perfect, as well. I will love you forever! Hugs.


We love Mary Jean! And Mary Jean loves her work. Which makes a really big difference when putting together one of the most important events of your life. Throughout the process, Mary Jean put my husband and I at such ease and this continued right through to the ceremony. Her hands on service was priceless, from writing the ceremony together to running our rehearsal to checking in on us after the big day had passed. We consider Mary Jean a friend and were truly blessed to have her with us on this incredible journey. Mary Jean absolutely conducted A Ceremony of the Heart for us and is the only way to go!


Our officient was great! She offered more than just "day of" service... she really helped us craft our vows and walked us through the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a more hands on, personal approach.


Mary Jean was the best choice we could have made. She made our wedding even more special than it was. Thanks again Mary Jean.


Mary Jean is a warm and honest person who's a pleasure to talk to and be around! She was very attentive to our needs from our first meeting, and her experience guided us through those parts of wedding-planning we were unfamiliar with (beyond providing officiant services). She's personable, quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and makes you feel as though you're her top priority. We forgot to bring our check for an official copy of our marraige certificate to the ceremony, and Mary Jean graciously offered to mail off the forms for us so that we'd have one less thing to worry about on our wedding day. The service Mary Jean provides is peace of mind and a great time! Thanks, Mary Jean!


Mary Jean was a true pleasure to work with -- she was open to all of our ideas and constructive in sharing many of her own. She was free to meet with us as needed and always available by phone or email as our ceremony was developed. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a caring, warm and supportive officiant.


Mary Jean is the most incredibly professional, warm, genuine, thoughtful, loving, and caring officiant to hire for your wedding officiant hands down. She knowledgeably walked us through our unique vows, location needs, and ceremony from the very first ideas for our planning to our fantastic and very magical wedding day. She has a very deep love for what she does and it shows in every aspect of her work. I will always hold Mary Jean with very high regard as she made my wedding day complete, spiritual, and meaningful.


We used A Ceremony of the Heart to renew our wedding vows. We were so happy with the way it turned out. Not only did it turn out as special as the day we got married, but we were able to update our vows. The time and effort spent to make sure we were provided with the perfect ceremony just for us was amazing. It was relaxed and personal and more then what we could have expected. If you want your vows to be something more then the vows you hear at every other wedding then use A Ceremony of the Heart... you won't be dissappointed... and you will recommending the wonderful service to others. Good luck on your journey in life and love!


Mary Jean feels like a member of our extended family now. She is, first and foremost, a lovely human being. She took the time to meet us, connect with us, ask smart questions and guide us through writing our vows. She took charge in a very subtle way (which we were grateful for!), and preformed the ceremony with genuine care. We were so fortunate to have had her.


Mary Jean was FANTASTIC. She went over everything with us step by step and helped us put together a really beautiful and personal ceremony. She's so calm and sure that on the big day (in spite of a few hiccups on our part) it wasn't nearly as scary as we thought it might be.


Mary Jean Valente at A Ceremony of the Heart is the Best! As our Officiant, she did so much more than we ever expected. From the very first time we spoke on the phone, I felt like she cared about us and I could tell she really loves what she does. When we met, I liked her immediately. She is warm and caring and so very professional. We knew right away she would be perfect for us. Mary Jean is so easy to work with. She helped us create a very special ceremony that incorporated everything we wanted and this wasn't so easy as come from different backgrounds. She let us choose everything in the ceremony and at the same time expertly guided us and offered suggestions and new ideas until we found our perfect ceremony. She did this with such grace and kindness. On the day of our ceremony, she called us in the morning to wish us a Happy Day and reminded us to have something to eat before the ceremony. She arrived well in advance, came to visit with us and then told us that whenever we were ready we would begin. This was one of the things I liked so much about Mary Jean..She never rushed us or made us feel like we needed to hurry, rather her speaking voice and her very presence helped us feel calm and relaxed. At the beginning of our ceremony, Mary Jean took a couple minutes to speak with us privately before we began and even invited us to take a couple deep breaths. We both then totally relaxed and enjoyed the ceremony. Another very unique thing about Mary Jean is that she will say a few words in another language if you have family that does'nt speak English. She had us give her the phoenetic pronounciation and she learned it perfectly... so during the ceremony she welcomed our parents and grandparents personally in their native tongue... this was so sweet and special, it brought tears to the eyes of our family and guests! Oh yes, and Mary Jean also provided an absolutely beautiful copy of our ceremony... I was surprised and delighted at how very beautiful it is and we will treasure it always. In conclusion, if you want a personal ceremony, conducted by someone who is not only excellent at what she does, but also cares deeply about you and your wedding, Mary Jean Valente is the one for you!


MaryJean was a wondeful officiant. My then-fiancee and I felt immediately comfortable with her. She was extremely open and responsive to any of our requests. She worked with us very closely to write the ceremony and managed it beautifully. She was also very helpful in calming down my nerves before and during the wedding. My family and friends still mention our wedding as the best they've ever seen, mostly because of our unique and deeply spiritual ceremony. I would highly recommend MaryJean.


Mary Jean was a fantastic officiant! She was supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic, professional and personable. We were very busy with everything else going on with the wedding but Mary Jean made sure that the ceremony itself went off without a hitch. She gave us lots of feedback and she definitely helped make sure that our wedding was memorable not just for us but for everyone who attended.


We had such a hard time finding someone to marry us, and with relatively short notice, and at a distance... but then we found Mary Jean. She was fabulous at taking our vision and shining it up into the perfect ceremony for us. Our guests told us that she really made them feel like they were a part of our wedding, instead of just an audience. We couldn't have asked for better communication and insight into planning the day.


In the 9 solid months I invested planning all the details of my wedding day as well as researching and booking each of my vendors I saved finding an officiant for last. It is my belief that this one person holds the biggest responsibility of all the vendors on a wedding day. They help you and your fiance exchange your vows and cross that bridge to become husband and wife. That's a BIG deal in my eyes! And so even though Reid and I didn't have any clear ideas on what kind of ceremony we wanted in the beginning. We knew we had to find not just any officiant, but THE officiant to help us create it. Six months out from my wedding day I began the search for THE officiant. From beginning to end, Mary Jean was a sincere pleasure to collaborate with on creating a ceremony experience of a lifetime. She went above and beyond anything we could have imagined an officiant contributing before and during the wedding ceremony. She really treated us like we were her first, last and only clients. She pays incredible attention to the ideas, thoughts, wishes, dreams and details that you have or come up with along the way...which is sooo important when your mind is scattered over all the seemingly million-and-one things that you've got to get accomplished while organizing your wedding! Through her guidance, creative suggestions, gracious, warm and loving personality, Reid and I were able to create an incredible ceremony and Mary Jean fine-tuned it to perfection! It was beautiful, unique, full of meaning and of deep love and respect for each other and our families. Mary Jean's voice truly is a soothing and mesmerizing gift and she gave 110% of herself before and on our wedding day. Not only were Reid and I swept away in a moment of time listening to her, but our families, friends and guests were as well. We too were told...'this was the BEST wedding ceremony we've ever seen!'. Mary Jean likes to refer to herself as the conductor of a harmony that already exists between two people in love and her job is to conduct that beautiful music to those who come to enjoy the concert! And she truly is! Please believe me when I say that you will NOT be disappointed if you choose Mary Jean as your officiant. She is that one person who can make all the difference between delivering an 'ok' ceremony and one that allows you to experience that 'invisible magic' that you two deserve to be showered in on your once-in-a-lifetime day! Reid and I had that magical feeling come over us during our wedding. We were calm and ready...not nervous at all. We felt like we were in our own time bubble. We were able to enjoy every moment as we looked into each others eyes, held each others hands and smiled the biggest smiles ever and have that moment of excitement and realization that this is's happening and it's amazing! We couldn't have done it without Mary Jean. She helped us bring out the best in ourselves so that it could be shared through our ceremony...recited with the utmost care and respect by her warm, captivating and beautiful tone of voice. We feel privileged to have found Mary Jean and honored to call her our officiant and more importantly a friend. She holds a special place in our hearts and those of our families and always will.


Can I give her an extra star? 5 does not seem to be enough. Not only is Mary-Jean a joy to work with, but she helped create a very personal ceremony for me and my husband. We came to her with no idea of how we wanted to arrange the ceremony. Mary-Jean took the time and made the effort to get to know us individually and as a couple. This helped her create a beautiful ceremony that all of our guests commented about. What I heard the most from our guests is " That was the BEST ceremony I have ever seen at a wedding!" Mary-Jean has a special talent and has found her calling. She is a person that my family loves and admires and it was a great honor to have her officiate at or wedding. I would recommend her services to ANYONE looking for an officiant. She is phenomenal!


Mary Jean was an absolute joy to work with! From the minute we met her we knew she was the "one." She became an instant friend, a part of our family, and she still is today! We love this warm soul, her positive energy is contagious, and her spirit was definitely felt at our wedding and in our lives.

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